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Because if UFOs are real… what else? If any of this turns out to be true, it’s a very exciting time!

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Ep 48: UFO Amendments in the 2025 NDAA

This week we’re checking in with Congress. Understandably, it seems the UAP issue is taking a back seat in the run up to the election, but we’ve still got a bit of movement on two fronts. First, there are several UAP amendments being considered for the 2025 NDAA, including improved whistleblower protections and possibly reintroducing the full UAP disclosure act. We’ll also look into when and if we might get an additional public UAP hearing from the Senate or perhaps the House Oversight Committee.

Previous 5 Episodes

  1. Ep 47: Which US Presidents Know About UFOs?

    Find out which US presidents reported UFO sightings, requested UFO briefings, and perhaps more!

  2. Ep 46: Elizondo Threatened, Kirkpatrick Caught Lying

    The Raiders saw a UFO, Lue Elizondo reported being threatened, and Sean Kirkpatrick was caught lying about Skinwalker Ranch.

  3. Ep 45: “Zero Doubt:” Karl Nell speaks about Non-Human Intelligence on Earth

    Karl Nell spoke about non-human intelligence and catastrophic disclosure.

  4. Ep 44: Kingman, AZ UFO Crash Retrieval Confirmation?

    Chris Mellon shared a Signal conversation with a senior USG official claiming they were getting access to the UAP that crashed in Kingman, AZ in 1953!

  5. Ep 43: Why Grusch Wouldn’t Talk to AARO

    AARO tried repeatedly to get Grusch to testify, but couldn’t address his security concerns.

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