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Because if UFOs are real… what else? If any of this turns out to be true, it’s a very exciting time!

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Ep 44: Kingman, AZ UFO Crash Retrieval Confirmation?

A bit of a wild ride in this episode, all kicked off by Chris Mellon sharing a Signal conversation with an unnamed senior government official who claimed to be getting access to the crash retrieval program, including a “recovered UAP that landed in Kingman, AZ in the 50s.” The Kingman crash is a legendary and controversial story, so we’re getting into it today by discussing three witnesses of varying credibility, including a engineer who was bussed out to the crash site to estimate the crash velocity, a mechanical engineer who claims to have worked on flight simulators for human reproductions of the craft recovered from Kingman, and a microbiologist who claims to have worked with an alien survivor of the crash! Not all of it is believable, but if you accept the premise that a nonhuman craft crashed in Kingman in 1953, it’s hard to know where to draw a line in the mess of contradictory claims around the crash. Buckle up, we’re getting weird!

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