A podcast by a UFO nerd and his tolerant friend.

Because if UFOs are real… what else? If any of this turns out to be true, it’s a very exciting time!

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Ep 41: Mysterious Drones Swarm Navy Ships and Air Force Bases

In this episode we cover a pile of recent UFO news. Ross Coulthart says Congress smells bullshit from the AARO historical report. Rep. Burlison and the UAP Caucus formally requested a UAP select committee. The Joint Chiefs released their new UAP reporting guidelines, which seems to contradict AARO’s finding that there’s no evidence of nonhuman craft. Oh, and multiple Navy ships and Air Force bases have been swarmed by mysterious drones. It’s a very exciting time!

Previous 5 Episodes

  1. Ep 40: Is AARO’s Historical Report a Coverup?

    AARO released the first volume of their report on 80 years of UFO investigations, and concluded there is no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

  2. Ep 39: Garry Nolan, Chris Mellon, Karl Nell, and more at the SOL Foundation Symposium

    The SOL Foundation videos are up, discussing the physics of UAPs, the ethics of disclosure, and how to avoid societal collapse from catastrophic disclosure.

  3. Ep 38: DODIG: Lack of UAP Plan May Pose a Threat

    The DOD’s lack of a UAP plan leaves the US at risk, Congress freaks out about UFOs, and Sean Kirkpatrick may be a disinfo agent.

  4. Ep 37: What We Learned from Alien Interviews

    Reddit scientist claims to have been part of a team producing a report summarizing what the government knows about alien civilization.

  5. Ep 36: David Grusch Was In Secret Program to Track UAP

    Congress’s meeting with the ICIG revealed locations. Grusch says he tracked UAP for the military. Kirkpatrick wrote about his time with AARO.

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