Anjali: retired intelligence officer claims alien base in Mojave Desert

In March of 2021, I saw a post in r/aliens on Reddit by the title “ ⁠Retired Defense Intelligence Officer with a CE5 Experience to Share⁠ .” It got a lot of attention with a great story and some pretty phenomenal claims. The author, a woman named Anjali, who is a former defense intelligence officer, claims to have met a man in 2018 who excavated a tunnel to find an alien base in a mountain on his land in the Mojave Desert. He took her there, and she met beings from a council overseeing life on earth. They told her that she needed to wake up and remember why she’s here, because humanity’s days are numbered and those who fail to evolve will not transcend.

I’m super excited about today’s topic, because the excitement surrounding Anjali’s reddit post and the subsequent months of drama are what really got me fully back into the UFO topic, and started Chuck and I talking about it even before we thought of doing a podcast.


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