Why are we recording a podcast about UFOs?

“Really? You wanna be the UFO guy?” Yeah, actually, I do! Because I think most people don’t understand that since 2017 there has been a rapid increase in astonishing information about UFOs. From the 2017 New York Times article disclosing the existence of a secret Pentagon UFO program, to the release of confirmed Navy videos of UFOs, to Congress demanding an annual report about what the military knows about UFOs, to the recent proposal to grant immunity to UFO program whistleblowers — there’s been a LOT!

When I was growing up, UFOs were treated as a joke. News reports would include the X-Files theme, and anyone talking about the subject seriously would get teased about “little green men.” But that seems to be changing. More and more, the topic is taken seriously.

And the thing is, once you accept, as Congress and the Pentagon seem to have, that there are unidentified craft flying around the sky… what else is real? If it’s true? It’s a very exciting time!


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