Congress Gets Mad: The April 2023 UAP Hearing!

For the last several weeks, rumors have been swirling that Congress was upset at the DoD over perceived foot-dragging on the topic of UAP. Sen. Gillibrand was demanding answers about a funding shortfall for the new AARO office, and many Congresspeople seemed frustrated with the lack of clarity from the military around the spy balloon shoot-downs. So when it was announced that a new public UAP hearing would be held soon, the community went wild. Speculation about what would come up in the hearing ranged from persistent rumors of whistleblower testimony about crash retrievals and reverse engineering programs all the way up to overt confirmation of non-human intelligence. In the end, the April 2023 hearing didn’t cover any of that, and was more of a status update and view inside operations at AARO. We did get a new UAP video, a revised timeline for the next UAP report, some insight into how AARO investigates UAP cases, and hints of further hearings coming soon.


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