Congress is taking UAP whistleblower Grusch’s claims seriously

Chuck is still on vacation, but the UFO news just keeps coming hot and heavy, so Scott’s back with another solo episode to keep you up-to-date. We’ve got several stories this week, including an alleged secret Canadian UAP reverse engineering program and continued denials from the Pentagon. But the biggest story is that Congress is taking the claims of whistleblower David Grusch very seriously. We’ve got quotes from multiple Congresspeople as well as new UAP provisions written into the upcoming Intelligence Community Authorization Act that will remove funding from UAP programs that haven’t reported to Congress and a ticking clock for defense contractors to turn over any UFO material or information they got from the government, or face penalties!

Canadian UAP Program

Pentagon continues to deny Grush’s claims

No Comment from Lockheed Martin

Congress is taking Grusch Seriously


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