Garry Nolan, Chris Mellon, Karl Nell, and more at the SOL Foundation Symposium

It’s been a busy few weeks! There were five UFO-related commercials at the Superbowl. The SOL Foundation dropped the videos from their UAP conference. Congress had a minor freakout directly after a UAP briefing by Lue Elizondo. The DODIG found that the DOD’s lack of a coordinated UAP plan leaves the US at risk. And Sean Kirkpatrick’s article drew a lot of pushback, questions about whether he followed the DOPSR process, and raising concerns that he may be a disinformation agent.

Garry Nolan, Ph.D. on The Material Science of UAP

Christopher Mellon on The Potential Consequences of Disclosure

Kevin Knuth on The Physics of UAP

Karl Nell on The Schumer Amendment & Controlled Disclosure


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