Elizondo Threatened, Kirkpatrick Caught Lying

We open up by sharing a story from two players on the Las Vegas Raiders who say the entire team witnessed a UFO that did not appear on radar while flying home from a game. Then we talk about Lue Elizondo revealing that he and other whistleblowers have received threats, and declares that he is not suicidal. Finally, we get into a juicy bit of drama where Brandon Fugal, the owner of Skinwalker Ranch, claims that Sean Kirkpatrick was in a briefing he delivered to Congress in 2018, and that Kirkpatrick asserted the truth of the UFO phenomenon. Kirkpatrick denied this, but Fugal produced a photo proving Kirkpatrick was there, which raises the question… What else is Kirkpatrick lying about?

Raiders UFO Sighting

Threats against Lue Elizondo and other whistleblowers

Brandon Fugal proves Sean Kirkpatrick lied about Skinwalker Ranch briefing


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