AARO’s New Boss Launches Website, Avi Loeb Finds Interstellar Material

We’re back with news from around the UAP community. First, Chuck’s here to talk about Avi Loeb’s claim to have recovered fragments of an interstellar object. Then we’ve got a quick update on more whistleblower activity. And finally, we’ve got some news about AARO, who recently moved in the org chart to report directly to Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks, who knocked some heads together and finally got their website launches (though it still has no contact info). Also, we discuss some reports that AARO themselves may be in possession of “anomalous materials!”

Avi Loeb’s Interstellar Object

Quick Update: More Whistleblowers To The ICIG

AARO now reports to Deputy SecDef Hicks

AARO’s website finally launches!

AARO Has UAP Material?


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