NASA Releases UAP Report; Senate Pressures AARO; 30+ More Whistleblowers!

It’s been a busy few weeks! We briefly touch on the Alien Mummy story in Mexico, report on some House UFO gossip, including another upcoming UAP hearing. We look at reports that multiple senators have been pressuring AARO to do a better job protecting whistleblowers, and a new article claiming more than 30 additional whistleblowers have come forward to the ICIG directly. And lastly, we discuss the report released by NASA’s independent UAP study team, which manages to make a lot of solid recommendations about NASA’s role in gathering UAP data moving forward, while also being dismissive and condescending toward the topic in general.


These are interesting bits of UFO news that we don’t have time to dive into this time, but they’re worth mentioning, and we’ll be following up on them in future episodes:

Alien Mummies

I haven’t had time to do a deep dive on this one yet, but the short version is the Mexican Congress held a UAP hearing including Ryan Graves and also a TV personality named Jaime Maussan. Jaime Maussan presented some mummified bodies that he claimed were aliens recovered from Peru. A serious study in 2021 concluded that “the head of the small body is largely made of a deteriorated llama braincase and other unidentified bones.” My gut says it’s fake, but we’ll see.

New Grusch Interview

A new interview with David Grusch dropped, and I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I haven’t seen Reddit explode with any new claims, so I’m assuming it’s mostly covering the same information. There’s another documentary dropping in a few days, so I’ll be watching both of those.

Government Agencies Getting Ready for Disclosure?

We’ve seen a few odd information drops from some government agencies, including some documents from the Department of Energy, and some documents and videos from Customs & Border Protection. None of these are earth-shattering, but the community is interpreting this as government agencies preparing for the presumed passage of Sen Schumer’s disclosure bill. I’m not sure that holds water — based on what we learned about the tortured path of the AARO website, it’s hard to imagine agencies proactively adding UAP info when there’s not yet a legal requirement to do so, but who knows.

House UAP Gossip

ICIG Denies Looking Into Grusch’s Claims

Senate Pressures AARO to Protect Whistleblowers

Dozens More Whistleblowers Testify

NASA Releases UAP Study Team Report

The Report

The Press Conference and Reactions


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