Dainty DoD is Concerned UAP Hearings Have Sullied Its Reputation

Although Congress is still on break for another couple weeks, we’re back with a bit of news. Reps. Burchett and Luna are still pushing to get a SCIF to hear Grusch’s classified testimony, but claim the DOD is stonewalling them. Ross Coulthart says the Pentagon and Intel Community are applying pressure to Congress to drop the UAP thing, and suddenly Rep. Turner says there will be no more UAP hearings in the House Oversight Committee to protect the reputation of the DOD. Plus, White House national security spokesman John Kirby dodges an opportunity to deny Grusch’s claims, while Gov. Christie laughs off a UFO question at the Republican presidential debate.

Congress Still Wants Grusch in a SCIF

Rep Turner Shuts Down HOC UAP Hearings

John Kirby Does Not Deny Grusch Claims

UAP Question at Republican Debate


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