Kirkpatrick Retires, Speculative History of UFO Reverse Engineering

In this episode we cover some QuickHits of news, including a Congressional bill to restore Grusch’s security clearance, the HOC getting to read Grusch’s DOD IG complaint, AARO adding a reporting form to their website (that’s only for military and won’t accept classified info), and Dr Sean Kirkpatrick is retiring in December. Then we dive into a speculative history of the UFO reverse engineering program, as imagined by an aerospace engineer, which explores how a Manhattan Project-style program could have ended up in the hands of private aerospace companies, and how that might be tied to the February shoot-downs and Senator Schumer’s disclosure bill.

This was one of those times where it felt like a lot was happening, but once I sat down to pull together the show notes, it all kinda boiled down to nothing. So I’ve got some QuickHits™ for us today, and then we’re gonna dive into something fun.


A Conceptual View of a UAP Reverse Engineering Program


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