David Grusch Was In Secret Program to Track UAP

Recently the House Oversight Committee got a classified briefing from the ICIG, which gave them some new information, including locations to investigate. Whistleblower David Grusch gave a private presentation where he said he was part of a secret program to track UAP, and that a US adversary may be trying to force disclosure. Finally, former AARO director Sean Kirkpatrick wrote an article that tries to dismiss Grusch’s claims by teasing the upcoming historical report AARO will release. Hint: it says AARO has found no evidence of extraterrestrials or secret programs. Travis Taylor is unimpressed with Kirkpatrick’s “scientific” approach.

ICIG Briefing

Frustrations With Process

ICIG Shared Specific Info

David Grusch Validated

Grusch’s Private Presentation

Kirkpatrick Article


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